Long Sight established as a small leather products manufacturer in 1985, with its out standing qualities widely acknowledged in the industry. In response to worldwide changes, Long Sight has gone from local to global from time to time.
The company started to operate different businesses with not only the manufacturing of high-quality leather products but also brand management including design, manufacture and retail business.


Since 1995 we have been in the China market for years and we understand the nature of its industry. In the light of the current trend, we are able to maintain a strong system in China where most of our developing processes locate.


We chose Vietnam for its stable environment for our employees and reliable governmental supports. In this location, we can offer a trustworthy experience for our clients and envision a sustainable role in the industry.
Since 2016, our Vietnam factory has become the main location for production. We have to face the changes in the industry and transformed in both our spirit and philosophy. With the name UNIVERSAL hoping to connect with customers from all over the globe and lead the future.
With over 30 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing leather products and developing its own private brands, Long Sight has the competitive advantage in vertical integration.
In the future, Long Sight will create new values for customers, business partners, and to reach out to the world in the new era.